Kamilianie w Gruzji

Welcome to the website of Camillians in Georgia. Father Akaki Chelidze, Father Paweł Dyl, Father Zygmunt NiedĽwiedĽ, Camillian Sisters, the Lay Camillian Family and volunteers from around the world serve the poor and the sick coming from that beautiful Caucasian country.

Kamilianie w Gruzji

We encourage you to read an interview with our co - brother Father Zygmunt NiedĽwiedĽ - Camillian.

About our work


When I came to Georgia I started working with people who were poor and in need, who came to our polyclinic every day and, apart from medical help, they asked for basic things, most often for food.
When I visited families who asked for help I could quickly discover who really needs this help and who is simply trying to swindle it.
The Georgian state does not provide any care for its citizens. There is an enormous unemployment in the country, alcoholism is destroying families, and such a word as "insurance" does not exist.
Medical care has to be paid for, the first question asked after calling an ambulance is "Who will pay for it?" People live from hand to mouth, their main occupation is street trading - they sell Turkish goods and sometimes things that are still left at their homes. In this way they earn their living or make money to pay for medicine or an operation.
On the outskirts of the city centre there are people living in flats without water and gas, and even if they happen to have access to it, they have no money to pay for it.

Br. Robert Kukułka i niepełnosprawni

At the moment I am working with disabled persons. I met a lot of them when I visited needful people. Unfortunately, it is difficult to dedicate time to each of them and to change anything in their lives, if they have been isolated from the society for ten or even more years and the only thing they did was watching TV - if they had it. That is why an idea to build a daily stay home for these people was born. It is easier to transport them to one place in order to show them that they are not alone; an additional advantage of such a centre is a possibility to organize therapy classes.
When I started this activity I already knew 6 people on wheelchairs. That was the beginning.
The house was officially registered as a psychotherapeutic office and is a part of our polyclinic.


Currently there are 25 children, divided into 3 groups, who attend our office. The first group consists of physically disabled at the age of 15 - 30. The older ones have also joined this group because of their family situation and they function rather as those, who help the other ones, and not as patients. This group has such classes as: individual computer course, embroidery, crochet, sewing course and practical classes led by assistants of psychotherapy during which they create different things from materials, bottles, Plasticine, etc. There is also a possibility to take part in additional classes such as "Meetings with poetry" or in games involving agility as well as mind. Once a week this group takes part in the meetings of young people, "Catholic Charismatic Renewal" which was set up by father Pawel Szczepanek. When I talk to them, they say that they are very happy because they can pray together with others, regardless of faith or nationality. Most of them are Ormians, living in Georgia, and members of the Orthodox Church. For them it is the only contact with religion, Word of God and Church.


Children with mental disability are divided into two groups. They work together with a psychologist, a psychiatrist and assistants during following classes: music therapy, practical classes, games, plays and biology lessons. They also go through a basic school course as most of them are illiterate. We develop their skills and abilities to cope with basic activities such as: washing, dressing, etc. I am very glad that those children feel fulfilled when being in group, make progress and gain the acceptance of others. Earlier they were isolated at their homes, spending time only with their parents, now they can develop and gain new self-confidence.
Following this idea, we are thinking about organizing something more than just recreational - educational meetings. A good solution would be specific workshops. It turns out that among our children there are people who are really able and can use their talents and in this way contribute to the functioning of our house. Creating groups that will have a specific aim will enable enrolling next disabled.
A basic problem is a place where we could develop this idea, our seminary is not adapted for disabled and so far classes have been held in one big room, formerly serving as conference room. Bathrooms are small and not adapted for wheelchairs.

Niepełnosprawny z rodzicami

We are already having talks about this new centre for disabled - it will be one storey, without barriers for wheelchairs and with classrooms adapted to particular activities.
I think we are sure of what we want to do for and give those people. They could certainly feel appreciated in their lives; feel that they can do something for the society and the other ones.
When thinking about the future, one has to also think about what will happen with them when they will be left on their own. When their only caregiver dies they are left totally uncared and probably their only perspective will be children's home or old people's home. And after all, they are young and have a future. We try to help them so that they can feel a part of the society again, do not fear the sight of people and rubbernecks on the streets and ensure them that they have the same right to visit a museum or an exhibition, sail a boat and sunbath, even if they are on wheelchairs. And we can see that even if they have some lost years behind them, they become themselves again, they "reborn".

But each of our ideas involves enormous expenses. We do everything to gain as much money as possible. We look for sponsors and people of goodwill, who care for the fate and future of children in our care. That is why we turn to you for help. Each contribution, even a small one, is for us very important and very precious. We ask for both financial help as well as for prayers.

brother Robert Kukułka

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